Now mid-sixties, I was a non-smoker until my mid-twenties and probably smoked up to twenty a day for at least half that time. I gave up several times, sometimes for years at a time, and I was under no pressure to stop again: smoking was very enjoyable and peaceful. But in the end I thought I’d try stopping and found I couldn’t. I’d spoken with Nick some years ago when he was starting hypnotherapy work and thought I’d give him a try. He asked, and I said, that I was ambivalent about giving up. He said he could probably ‘do’ ambivalent, though being really keen would be better! The actual session (I only had one) was fascinating – and would need a really long write-up to explain and explore. Suffice to say that after that one session I drove home with my cigarettes in the car, didn’t smoke, put the cigarettes away (I still have them fifteen months later) and have not smoked since. I’m fairly sceptical about ‘talking therapies’ but there is no doubt that Nick did ‘hypnotise’ me and that what he did absolutely worked. I would wholeheartedly recommend him and am happy to do so with my name in public.

Will Reid - December 2018

I first went to see Nick after being recommended by a family member. I had no confidence in myself and no confidence in career decisions. I felt like I was not good enough to do the job I had been trained in.

I also felt not good enough to stay at home and look after my two children. Nick help me with 4 visits and completely changed my life. I now have a job that I love and feel confident that I am good enough to do. I throughly recommend Nick and can not thank him enough.

Anonymous - October 2017

After suffering from Anxiety for many years which was heightened after a family bereavement, I went to see Nick and can honestly say he has changed my life. I now have a freedom and lightness about me that had been missing for years and it is the most liberating feeling! I would highly recommend anyone to go and see him, I’m only disappointed that I didn’t go years ago.

Anonymous - August 2017

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you are doing for me.In the two weeks that I have been seeing you and in just one session I feel a completely different person! I have managed to give up wine, something I have wanted to do for a long time, with very little effort from me at all. I feel so much more positive and confident too. I look forward to continuing my journey and to your continued help with my weight loss. A service that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Anonymous - August 2017

Hi Nick! I’ve been meaning to get in touch to let you know how I’ve got on- I can seriously say I haven’t even thought about smoking since my hypnosis a few months ago- I feel like a bit of a fraud because so far will power hasn’t even come into play, I’ve literally just stopped. With Xmas and lots of social events plus a holiday surrounded by smokers I have been in the thick of it so to speak and haven’t felt the urge to light up at all. I just wanted to say a huge thank you, it really has changed my life for the better.

Alex Carpenter - January 2017

Just to say a big thank you for you great help in enabling me to turn my life around with the help of your hypnotherapy treatment.

I have suffered from anxiety and depression for many years mainly due to a history of troubled family backgrounds which over time became more onerous and damaging to me. I was becoming very out of character loosing control and desperate.

So after trying many other therapies such as counselling, NHS and private CBT as well as medication from my GP which have all helped but only in a limited way – hypnotherapy has enabled me to lead a more natural and normal life at last.

Thanks to your treatment I have become less anxious and less stressed, less obsessive and able to stand back and view things differently and thanks to you and a great instructor I eventually have passed my driving test !

I have a much more positive outlook on life now and am not dependent on those who I have relied on so much before, many of whom I seem to have gravitated to having similar problems themselves.

Thank you again Nick and for those useful downloads too I am so grateful.

Anonymous - October 2016

I just wanted to send you an email to tell you properly how much you are doing for me!
Firstly, I still have no appetite for Chocolate – happily buying it for others but not in the slightest bit interested for me! Had my 1st Coffee last week and it tasted weird but ok. Still no coke and no booze – it DID feel good to take the moral high ground although the first few days of habit were a bit hard if I’m honest.

Escalators are definitely easier but still taking me a few seconds to ‘choose’ my step when stepping on – but no real panic.

The biggest success HAS to be the flying though!!!! I did exactly what you said and both trips were amazingly ok. All I kept repeating in my head was ‘it’s just another form of transport’ this is safer than a fat taxi driver driving me in London’!!

We had a sudden drop whilst flying but even that didn’t make me cry. Not one single tear the whole flight, no gripping the headrest in front of me when landing, no over breathing or panic.

I’m very glad I found you and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for how you’ve helped me and I really look forward to seeing you soon.

Anonymous - October 2016

Having suffered for over thirty years from varying degrees of OCD, mainly to do with cleanliness and being super organised, I finally admitted to myself that I was totally exhausted from trying to maintain constant perfection. Most importantly I did not want my new grandson to be affected by my OCD in the way that my children were when they were growing up. Nick had been recommended to me so I decided to give hypnotherapy a go.

Nick has shown me how to deal with that nasty voice inside my head that does its best every hour of every day to unsettle my mind and cause me huge amounts of stress. I now feel able to cope with situations that only a few months ago I would have found extremely stressful. I will keep telling myself that YES I CAN and I will keep telling that voice that No you CAN’T!

As a wonderful added bonus, Nick has managed to all but take away the near constant pain that I have suffered in my shoulder for two years – he literally threw it out of the window!

Thank you so much Nick.

Anonymous - August 2016

I’m sure you’ll be far too modest to accept it when I say meeting you changed the story of my life, I know I played a starring role but you were director.

I met you when I felt I’d finally ran out of fight, of battle and of courage. I couldn’t think or read my way out of it. It appeared all I’d worked for was to be lost.

None of this turned out to be true of course. You gave me the tools and I rebuilt myself more rapidly and completely than I’d imagined.

Pain and misery don’t need to be partners, don’t over think it, don’t mourn for yourself and just let it go…lessons I’ve learnt, for which I am eternally grateful.

Many many thanks

M.C. - May 2016

When suffering with anxiety it is easy to get into the mind set that you can’t beat it, having tried medicines and counselling, without feeling better I was very much stuck in that mind set.

I wanted to click my fingers and feel better again and hypnotherapy has felt like that! After two sessions my mind thinks in an entirely different way and once again I’m a positive, happy person. I would recommend Nick’s hypnotherapy to anyone!

Anonymous - April 2016

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