Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy cannot MAKE you give up smoking but the 2 hour session with Nick will give you every reason to want to give up smoking….and then some!

Nick will tell you why your brain actively encourages you to smoke (just like other conditions – stress, binge drinking etc) and this will help to empower you to stop smoking and stay stopped.

The hypnotherapy stage incorporates both relaxation, confidence building and aversion therapy to remind your sub conscious mind of the dangers and the futility of smoking. It is a powerful therapy and Nick’s clients have had great success in giving up smoking – even some who have walked into the room and said ‘You will NOT make me stop smoking’ (quote from 76 year old lady on 60/day having smoked since she was 8 years old.) This was February 2013 and she has not gone back to smoking!

Will you look forward to a happier, healthier and more wealthier future or become one of the 114,00 who die due to smoking related illness in the UK every year? (stats from 2013).

Or are you still content with giving the Treasury your share of over £18 billion/year in revenue – just to kill yourself ?

It’s your decision.

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