All anxieties can be helped with hypnosis and in some cases exceptionally quickly. Anxiety disorder is a blanket term that covers many different forms of excessive fear.

You know what this is like when you can feel your heart beat faster harder and you get ‘butterflies’ in your stomach and your hands get clammy.

This may be before an exam, a meeting or before giving a speech or lecture.

During our initial consultation I will you exactly why your brain sends signals to your body putting you in the fear. flight or fright mode – most people will then understand why they react to situations in the way that they do and can use self help to prevent or minimise these symptoms.

Anxieties range from agoraphobia, through to social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress.

Many people do not believe that they are ‘anxious’ preferring to call this ‘stress’. I think the terms are interchangeable and we will use the term which you feel most comfortable with.

Some people may be prescribed with ‘anti depressive’ medication. Unfortunately this is also a ‘catch-all’ phrase and does NOT necessarily mean that you are depressed as anxiety and depression are totally different conditions

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